Curated collection of 3,500 unique Angomon NFTs stored on the Solana blockchain

The looks

With unmatched steeze, Angomon are the most stylish creatures to ever roam the metaverse. They love to rock styles ranging from streetwear to high fashion, and are inspired by art and fashion icons such as Takashi Murakami and Dingyun Zhang.

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  • Preparing for the AngoversePhase I
    The first phase of Angomon revolves around creating stunning and unique artwork. Angomon are designed as 3D characters, so that each one will be able to come to life in the Angoverse.
  • Mint on 20th of NovemberPhase II
    3,500 Angomon will be distributed during the public mint on 20th of November. By the mint date we will have decided on our secondary marketplace where Angomon can be traded after the mint.
  • Rendezvous in the AngoversePhase III
    After the mint we will continue to develop the Angoverse, add new features, and build the community in various ways. The development process will be community driven.
  • Launching the AngoversePhase IV
    We’re planning on releasing the Angoverse for Early Access shortly after the mint. Early Access will be granted to OGs in our Discord server, but other Angomon owners can apply as well. You will need to own an Angomon NFT to take part in the Early Access and play in the Angoverse.
  • What’s next?Phase V
    Our long term goal is to turn Angomon into a major franchise and brand. Starting with the Angoverse, we will expand deeper into the gaming industry and other industries as well. As fashion is a big influence for Angomon, it will be an area we want to explore in the future, potentially in the physical world.

What is the Angoverse

In its essence, Angoverse is a game we're developing. It is the home of Angomon where they can hop from planet to planet to meet each other, explore, and partake in various activities.

Each Angomon has its own little planet that can be personalised and shown to friends and other curious visitors. Think of Angoverse as a hybrid of Solsteads and Animal Crossing with it’s own unique flair. A social universe from the future with weirdly nostalgic nuance.

Figurine demo render

3D Figurines

Bring your steeze from the metaverse into the physical world—Angomon will become available as 3D collectible figurines.

At first we will provide holders with 3D files so that they can use their preferred 3D printing options to print out their Angomon. Then, as a long term goal, we will be laying out plans for official Angomon collectible figurines.

Meet the team



Buddy is the lead developer of Angomon and the Angoverse.

Buddy has an academic background in Computer Science, and professional background in game development and software engineering.



Crypto, blockchain, and NFT mastermind. And the creative director of Angomon.

Joi has an academic background in Applied Mathematics and Operations research, and has compounded years of experience in the blockchain ecosystem.



Designer and 3D artist; Tefri is the one behind the amazing 3D characters we all love.

Tefri has an academic background in Design and Visual Communications, and is experienced in 3D modelling and animation.


Angomon is a collection of 3,500 aesthetic monsters with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain. Each Angomon is a unique piece of cryptography and design that will later become alive in the Angoverse.

Ango translates from Japanese as "dwelling in peace". Also, written as angō, it is a Japanese term for code , password and crypto. The suffix -mon is an abbreviation of monster. We use the term Angomon in singular and plural intent.

Apart from having their individual cryptographic hash, each Angomon possesses a randomly generated set of attributes such as eyes, skin patterns and pieces of clothing to name a few.

In addition to years spent in the blockchain space our team has compounded academic background in computer science, applied mathematics and 3D-design. Team members have also gained experience from game design and development in the private sector. We want to embrace creativity and occasional "dwelling in peace" in this increasingly chaotic world.

Angomon are available on Magic Eden and

Right after you have acquired an Angomon you have rights to use the image to express yourself in any way you wish. Later the Angomon will be awakened in the Angoverse where they can play and hang out with each other and express their personalitites in creative ways. As every Angomon is created as a 3D-model they have a wide variety of exquisite use cases in the physical world as well.